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Methylethylpiridinol (Emoxipine Neo) eye drops 1% 0.5 ml – [10 vials]



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Emoxypine Neo Pharmacodynamics
Antioxidant (drug that prevents lipid peroxidation in cell membranes), which has angioprotective (increases vascular resistance), antiaggregative (prevents platelet adhesion) and antihypoxic (increases tissue resistance to oxygen deficiency) activity.
It reduces capillary permeability and strengthens the vascular wall (angioprotector). Reduces blood viscosity and platelet aggregation (antiaggregant). Inhibitor of free radical processes, has a membrane stabilizing effect. It has retinoprotective properties, protects the retina and other tissues of the eye from the damaging effects of high intensity light. Promotes resorption of intraocular hemorrhages, reduces blood clotting, improves microcirculation in the eye. Stimulates reparative processes in cornea (including in early postoperative and post-operative period).
– Treatment and prevention of corneal inflammation and burns;
– Treatment and prevention of hemorrhages in the anterior chamber of the eye;
– Treatment and prophylaxis of sclera hemorrhage in elderly persons;
– treatment and prevention of central retinal vein thrombosis and its branches;
– Treatment and prevention of myopia complications;
– Treatment and prevention of diabetic retinopathy;
– protection of the cornea while wearing contact lenses.
Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, pregnancy and lactation, children under 18 years of age.
Usage during pregnancy and breastfeeding
Using the drug during pregnancy and lactation is contraindicated
Dosage and administration method.
  • Typically. Emoxypine is dropped into the conjunctival sac in 1-2 drops 2-3 times a day. The course of treatment is 3-30 days. If necessary, and good tolerance, treatment can be continued for up to 6 months and may be repeated 2-3 times a year.
  • Order of operation with a tube-dropper:
1. Open the bag, separate one tube dropper, place the rest back into the bag.
2. Open the tube-dropper (making sure that the solution is at the bottom of the tube-dropper, rotate and separate the valve).
3. Tilt your head back, with the index finger of one hand pull the lower eyelid down, holding the tube-dropper with the other hand vertically above the eye with the tip down.
4. Drip the desired amount of Emoxypine into the conjunctival sac of the eye.
5. Close the dropper with the valve. After opening, the tube can be used within 24 hours. After this period, the dropper tube must be discarded.
Procedure for working with the dropper bottle:
1. To pierce the neck, turn the cap clockwise with some force until the bottom edge of the cap stops in the body of the dropper bottle.
2.  After piercing the neck, turn the cap counterclockwise and remove it.
Carefully, without touching the tip of the dropper bottle, fix it between thumb and forefinger of one hand.
4. Tilt your head back, place the tip of the dropper bottle over your eye and with the index finger of the other hand pull down the lower eyelid. Gently press the dropper bottle down and drip the desired amount into the conjunctival sac of the eye.
Avoid contact of the tip of the open dropper bottle with the surface of the eye and hands.
5. After use, put the cap on the dropper bottle and close by rotating clockwise.
After opening the dropper bottle the drug can be used for 30 days. After this period, the dropper bottle should be thrown away.
  • If the dropper bottle or tube is visibly damaged, do not use the drug.
  • If after treatment there is no improvement, or the symptoms worsen, or new symptoms appear, you should consult a doctor. Use the Emoxypine only according to the indications, the route of administration and the doses stated in the instructions.