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Colypeptides of cattle cerebral cortex (Cortexin) injections 10 mg – [10 vial]



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Cortexin Pharmacodynamics
It contains a complex of low molecular weight water-soluble polypeptide fractions with molecular weight not exceeding 10,000 Da, isolated from the cerebral cortex of cattle. It penetrates through the HEB directly to the nerve cells. The drug has nootropic, neuroprotective, antioxidant and tissue-specific effects.
Nootropic action
Improves higher brain functions, learning and memory processes, concentration, resistance to various stresses.
Neuroprotective effect
Protects neurons from damage by various endogenous neurotoxic factors (glutamate, calcium ions, free radicals), reduces the toxic effects of psychotropic drugs.
Antioxidant effect
Inhibits lipid peroxidation in neurons, increases neuronal survival under oxidative stress and hypoxia.
Tissue-specific action
It activates neuronal metabolism in the central and peripheral nervous system, reparative processes, improves cortical functions and overall tone of the nervous system.
Mechanism of action
Mechanism of action of Cortexin is due to the activation of neuronal peptides and brain neurotrophic factors, optimizing the balance of metabolism of excitatory and inhibitory amino acids, dopamine, serotonin, GABA-ergic effect, reducing the level of paroxysmal seizure activity of the brain, the ability to improve its bioelectrical activity, preventing the formation of free radicals (products of lipid peroxidation).

As part of the complex treatment of the following conditions and diseases:
– cerebral circulation disorders and their consequences;
– Craniocerebral trauma and its consequences;
– Encephalopathies of various genesis;
– Cognitive disorders (memory and thinking disorders);
– Acute and chronic encephalitis and encephalomyelitis;
– epilepsy;
– asthenic conditions;
– suprasegmental autonomic disorders;
– impaired ability to learn;
– Delayed psychomotor and speech development in children;
– critical conditions of newborns with perinatal damage to the nervous system;
– Various forms of infantile cerebral palsy.

Contraindications .
– Individual intolerance of the drug.
Administration during pregnancy and lactation
The drug is contraindicated in pregnancy (for lack of clinical trial data).
If it is necessary to prescribe the drug during lactation, breastfeeding should be stopped (because of the lack of clinical trial data).

Dosage and administration method

  • The drug is administered by injection/m.
  • Contents of the vial before injection are dissolved in 1-2 ml of 0.5% procaine (novocaine) solution, water for injection or 0.9% sodium chloride solution, the needle being directed to the side of the vial to avoid foaming, and the drug is injected once daily: in adults in dose 10 mg for 10 days; in children with body weight less than 20 kg – in dose 0.5 mg/kg, with body weight over 20 kg – in dose 10 mg for 10 days. If necessary, the course is repeated in 3 to 6 months.
  • In hemispheric ischemic stroke in the acute and early recovery periods in adults, the drug is administered in a dose of 10 mg twice daily (morning and afternoon) for 10 days, with a repeated course after 10 days.