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Zinc oxide (Zinc) pasta for external use 10% – [25 g vial]


Dermatoprotective agent

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Zinc oxide paste Pharmacodynamics
Zinc paste – an anti-inflammatory topical agent, has adsorptive, antiseptic, astringent and drying effect. When used in children, it helps prevent diaper rash, protects against urine and other irritants and softens irritated skin. Reduces exudation and blotting, which relieves local inflammation and irritation. The symptomatic and protective effect of the drug is determined by zinc oxide. Zinc oxide combined with a petroleum jelly base forms a physical barrier, forming a protective coating on the skin that reduces the effect of irritants on the affected area and prevents rash.


Treatment of “diaper” rash. It is also used as a first-aid treatment for minor skin injuries (minor burns, cuts, scratches and sunburns).


Contraindications .
Increased individual sensitivity to the drug.


Dosage and administration.
  • Zinc oxide paste is for external use only.
  • “Diaper rash in children from one year of age.
  • Treatment: Wash and dry the affected area before use. If first signs of redness, diaper rash or small skin lesions appear, apply 3 or more times a day, as needed, usually at any diaper (diaper) change.
  • Cuts, scratches and sunburns.
  • Apply a thin layer, if necessary, apply a gauze bandage. Apply only to superficial and non-infected lesions.