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Salicylic acid ointment 2% – [25 g tube]


Antiseptic for external use

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Salicylic ointment Pharmacodynamics
It has keratolytic, antiseptic, locally irritating and anti-inflammatory effects.

Inflammatory and infectious skin lesions: burns, wounds, psoriasis, oily seborrhea, eczema, ruber lichen, dyskeratosis, ichthyosis.

Hypersensitivity to salicylic acid, childhood, kidney failure, pregnancy and lactation.

Dosage and administration.

  • Outwardly. The ointment is applied thinly to the affected skin surface 2-3 times a day. In the treatment of burns and wounds after applying the ointment affected surface is covered with a sterile napkin or sterile bandage soaked in ointment (before applying the surface is cleared of necrotic tissue, open the blisters, washed with an antiseptic solution.) Dressings are changed until complete purulent-necrotic masses are cleared.