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Prostate extract (Prostalamine) 155 mg – [40 tablets]


Normalizing the function of the prostate gland, urination, restores sexual function.

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Prostalamine Description
Prostalamin is derived from the prostate of cattle and is a complex of proteins and nucleoproteins specific to the prostate gland, it has a selective effect on prostate cells, accelerates the recovery of prostate function and tone of the bladder
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To accelerate recovery of prostate gland function in cases of prostatitis, sexual dysfunction and urinary disorders. It is also indicated in the early stages of adenoma in combination with standardized treatment. Prostalamine is recommended for the elderly to maintain prostate function.


Dosage and administration


  • Take Prostalamin 10-15 minutes before a meal, 1 to 3 tablets 2-3 times a day for 10-15 days. Drink water, do not chew!
  • It is desirable to repeat the course in 3-6 months.