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Hydrolysis lignin, ascorbic acid (Entegnin-H) 470 mg – [100 tablets]


As a dietary food supplement – an additional source of vitamin c and insoluble dietary fiber (lignin).

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Entegnin-N Description
Entegnin-H food supplement is produced by tabletting of natural polymer of plant origin – lignin obtained by hydrolysis of carbohydrate components of wood and ascorbic acid.
A characteristic feature of ENTEGNIN-N® is the presence of different functional groups in the molecules of lignin, which allows to sorb, firmly hold and excrete drugs, poisons, heavy metals, alcohol, allergens and various types of microorganisms, excrete their toxins, as well as biologically active substances that can accumulate in the body: cholesterol, bilirubin, lipids bile acids, urea, serotonin, histamine.
6 tablets (1 daily dose) contain:
Dietary fiber(lignin 2.3 g
Ascorbic acid 48 – 60 mg
Entegnin-H compensates the lack of natural fiber in the human body, promotes the removal of toxins from the body of healthy people, has a positive effect on intestinal peristalsis, as well as on the microflora of the large intestine, reduces the manifestation of allergic reactions.
Entegnin-H can be used for prophylactics in zones of ecological disaster and in hazardous production facilities (dry-cleaners, printing houses, chemical fertilizers, etc.) since it is able to sorb heavy metal salts, nitrates, nitrites, radioactive elements. In production facilities where there are high concentrations of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, as well as in fire areas (fire-fighting service workers, etc.).
Entegnin-H reduces plasma toxicity and carboxyhemoglobin content, and also promotes excretion of unsaturated hydrocarbons through the lungs.
The proposed form of tablets is convenient for oral administration, stable during storage and transportation, and solutions can be easily prepared from it, if necessary.
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is actively involved in redox processes, affects protein, carbohydrate and cholesterol metabolism (reduces total cholesterol levels), the formation of steroid hormones. has pronounced antioxidant properties.
Vitamin C can not be synthesized in the human body, so the need for it must be continuously met with food. Lack of it leads to a decrease in resistance to infections and other adverse environmental factors. A person becomes less resistant to the action of toxic substances. Complete lack of ascorbic acid leads to scurvy, which is characterized by multiple hemorrhages.
The need for vitamin C is 20 mg per 1000 kcal of diet. With illness, intoxication, stress, exercise, it increases. In recent years, great importance is given to the additional intake of ascorbic acid. It has been noted that this leads to a decrease in mortality from heart attacks and strokes, cancer morbidity, fewer acute respiratory infections. Proven involvement of vitamin C in the regulation of immunological responses, in the prevention of hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease.
To increase the body’s supply of vitamin C, you must additionally take synthetic ascorbic acid in a number of countries conducted special studies that tested the preventive and therapeutic effects of different doses of ascorbic acid. It was shown that the greatest effect is given by high doses of vitamin C (1 g per day or more), and the preventive effect was noted both for colds and other diseases (pneumonia, rheumatism). Acceptance of ascorbic acid eased the course of a number of diseases (epidemic hepatitis, radiculitis, etc.) and accelerated recovery. Ascorbic acid or vitamin C contained in the dietary food supplement “ENTEGNIN-N ®” is involved in the synthesis of the protein part of the enzymes, helps to maintain healthy teeth, skin, regulates cholesterol metabolism, promotes wound healing, improves immunity


As a dietary food supplement – an additional source of vitamin C and insoluble dietary fiber (lignin).
Contraindications .
Individual intolerance to the components of the product.
Dosage and administration
  • Adults take 2 tablets 3 times a day with meals.
  • The duration of intake: 3-4 weeks.
  • Before application it is recommended to consult with the doctor.