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Polyvinox (Vinylin) balm – [100 g vial]


A drug with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and tissue regeneration-improving action

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Vinylin Pharmacodynamics
It has antimicrobial action, promotes wound cleansing, tissue regeneration and epithelialization.
When the interior acts as a coating, anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic agent.

Outwardly: boils, carbuncles, trophic ulcers, septic wounds, mastitis, soft tissue wounds, burns and frostbite.
Inside: in the complex treatment of erosive-ulcerative diseases of the stomach and duodenum, exacerbation of chronic gastritis with increased secretory function of the stomach.

Contraindications .
When taking the drug inside: liver disease, gall bladder and kidney, pregnancy, breast-feeding, children under 18 years of age.

Directions for use and dosages.

  • Outwardly: to wet the cloth and apply directly to the wound surface in a sufficient amount.
  • Inside: once a day in 5-6 hours after the last meal (a light dinner at 6 pm and drug intake at 23-24 hours is recommended).
  • When gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer: 1 teaspoon on the first day, on subsequent days – 1 dessert spoon, the course – 16-20 days.
  • With gastritis with increased secretory function: 1 teaspoon the first day, then – 1 dessert spoon every other day, the course – 10-12 days.