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Pectin-cellulose complex, dry beet juice, lactulose (FrutoLax) 500 mg – [30 capsules]


Pectin-cellulose complex, lactulose (FrutoLax) 500 mg capsules are recommended for the prevention of constipation and restore bowel regularity.

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Pectin-cellulose complex, lactulose (FrutoLax) 500mg Description.
The components of the complex contribute to:
-Prevention of constipation and restore bowel regularity;
-Soft loosening of the intestines and normalization of stool consistency;
-Improvement of microflora and restoration of proper bowel motility;
-Normalization of the digestive process and improve the functional status of the gastrointestinal tract;
-Protecting the intestinal mucosa from irritation;
-Binding toxic substances and their removal from the body;
-The release of gas from the intestines (digestive effect), reducing cramps.
Dietary fiber of sugar beet – stimulate gastric secretion and peristalsis, prevent constipation and restore regular bowel emptying, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, strengthen the immune system, “dilute” the contents of the intestine and accelerate the passage of food through it. Reduce the concentration and time of exposure to harmful substances in the intestinal mucosa, which improves the microflora.
Prunes – acts as a mild laxative, stimulating the muscles of the large intestine. Prunes normalizes the digestive system, increases appetite and the secretion of gastric juice.
Fig – contains pectin, which acts as a mild laxative for under-active bowels and constipation.
Apricot – has a tonic, laxative, mild diuretic, anti-atherosclerotic effect, improves metabolism and hematopoiesis.
Senna – used as a laxative for atony of the large intestine, habitual constipation.
Lactulose – stimulates bowel peristalsis, has hyperosmotic laxative effect, improves absorption of phosphates and calcium salts, promotes the removal of ammonium ions.
Fennel – has antispasmodic and carminative effects, increases the secretion of digestive glands
Prevention of constipation and restore bowel regularity
Individual intolerance to the product components, pregnancy, breast-feeding, acute intestinal diseases.
Dosage and administration
  • Adults and children over 14 years, 2-4 capsules, children over 14 years, 2 capsules in the afternoon with meals If necessary, you can take 4 capsules. Course of treatment: 2 weeks.