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Polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate (Enterosgel) oral paste 22.5 g – [10 sachets]



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Enterosgel Pharmacodynamics
Enterosgel has a porous structure of a siliconorganic matrix (molecular sponge) of hydrophobic nature, which is characterized by sorption action only in relation to medium molecular weight toxic metabolites (m.w. from 70 to 1000). Enterosgl/ has pronounced sorption and detoxification properties. In the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract the drug binds and removes from the body endogenous and exogenous toxic substances of various nature, including bacteria and bacterial toxins, antigens, food allergens, drugs and poisons, products of the body’s metabolism, including excess bilirubin, urea, cholesterol and lipid complexes, as well as metabolites responsible for the development of endogenous toxicity. Enterosgelk does not reduce absorption of vitamins and microelements and helps restore the damaged intestinal microflora and does not affect its motor function.
Application during pregnancy and lactation
Enterosgel is not contraindicated in pregnancy and during breastfeeding.
In adults and children as a detoxifying agent:
-acute and chronic intoxication of various origins;
-Acute poisoning by potent and poisonous substances, including drugs and alcohol, alkaloids, salts of heavy metals:
Acute intestinal infections of any genesis in the complex therapy (toxic infections, salmonellosis, dysentery, diarrheal syndrome of non-infectious origin, dysbacteriosis);
-pyoinfectious-septic diseases accompanied by severe intoxication, as part of the complex therapy;
-food and drug allergies;
-Hyperbilirubiya (viral hepatitis) and hyperazotemia (chronic renal failure);
-For the prevention of chronic intoxication in workers harmful industries (occupational intoxication by chemical agents of polytropic action, xenobiotics, incorporated radionuclides, lead, mercury, arsenic compounds, petroleum products, organic solvents, nitrogen oxides, carbon, fluorides, salts of heavy metals).


Individual intolerance to the drug, bowel atony.
How to use and dosages
  • Enterosgel paste is taken orally 1-2 hours before or after a meal or taking other drugs with water.
  • Required for the reception of the drug is recommended to stir in a glass of triple water at room temperature, or take by mouth with water. Dosage for adults: 15 g – 22.5 g (1 – 1.5 tablespoons) 3 times a day. The daily dose of 45 g – 67.5 g.
  • Children aged 5 to 14 years – 15 g (1 tablespoon) 3 times a day. The daily dose is 45 g.
  • Children under 5 years of age – 7.5 g (0.5 tablespoons) 3 times a day. The daily dose of 22.5 g.
  • For infants, it is recommended that 2.5 g (0.5 teaspoons) of the drug be stirred in triple volume of breast milk or water and given before each feeding (6 times a day).
  • For the prevention of chronic intoxication – 22.5 g 2 times a day for 7-10 days every month.
  • In severe intoxication during the first three days the drug dosage may be doubled.
  • The duration of treatment for acute intoxication 3-5 days, and with chronic intoxication and allergic conditions for 2-3 weeks.
  • Repeated course according to the doctor’s recommendation.