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Ovariamine 10 mg – [40 tablets]


As a dietary food supplement – a source of polypeptides and nucleic acids

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Ovariamin Description
Ovarianamin is a natural bioregulator, a member of the class of Cytamins, which supports the physiological function of the ovaries and “tunes” the female body for conception.
Each tablet contains 10 mg of ovarianamine powder.
Ovarianamin is a non-hormonal regulator of female reproductive hormones in case of ovarian dysfunction and infertility, which helps to improve the ovarian function at the cellular level and “tunes” the organism for conception.
Ovariamin is a result of many years of joint work between Longwi-Pharm and leading Russian scientists of the Kirov Military Medical Academy (St. Petersburg) and the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology of the North-West Department of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. The product belongs to a new class of remedies created on the basis of the theory of peptide bioregulation – Citamins.
Advantages of Ovarianamin:
-addressing the ovaries
-Natural maintenance of normal ovarian cells.
-Efficacy, confirmed by more than 15 years of experience in use
-absence of side effects
Ovariamin supports ovarian function at natural, established by nature and is used in cases of:
-Functional insufficiency of the ovaries (including when planning to conceive; used prior to pregnancy);
-Correction of the menstrual cycle;
-Fading ovarian function;
-Pre- and postoperative periods for gynecological surgeries or termination of pregnancy;
-Ovarian dysfunctions associated with hormonal disorders;
-unwillingness or contraindications to take hormonal medications.

As a dietary food supplement – a source of polypeptides and nucleic acids.

Contraindications .
Hypersensitivity of the components BAD, pregnancy, breast-feeding. Before use, it is recommended to consult with your doctor.

Dosage and administration.

  • Adults take 1-3 tablets 2-3 times daily 10-15 minutes before a meal with water, without chewing.
  • The duration of intake is 10-14 days.