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Lactobacillus (Lactobacterin) liquid concentrate 10 ml – [10 vials]


A drug that regulates the balance of intestinal microflora (probiotic)

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Lactobacillus+ Liquid Concentrate is a light brown liquid in hermetically sealed penicillin glass vials.
Lactobacillus Lactobacillus+ Liquid Concentrate is a unique complex based on living lactobacilli and products of their metabolism. Lactobacilli form the basis of the intestinal microflora of humans and have high antagonistic activity against a wide range of pathogens and opportunistic pathogens. Lactobacillus exhibit immunostimulatory activity, neutralize toxins in the intestine, promote growth and development of other representatives of the normoflora.
Lactobacillus concentrate is a dietary supplement – a source of probiotic microorganisms (lactobacilli), meets the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union – TR CU 021/2011 and TR CU 022/2011.
The intestinal flora performs many functions and its bacteria are in constant communication with the cells of our body; to the extent that our intestinal flora is essentially our second brain. Bacteria play three important roles:
– they are soldiers of our digestive tract, preventing the entry of foreign substances (pathogens, toxins, allergens), thereby reducing the risk of infection and disease;
– they help to digest food by recycling it and producing new molecules (vitamins, enzymes, fatty acids, etc.)
– they help develop the immune system and intestinal mucosa, providing better protection. Thus, they normalize the digestive and protective functions of the intestine, activate metabolic processes, increase nonspecific resistance of the body.
When the intestinal flora is not balanced, the so-called “bad” bacteria take over, which can lead to diseases, infections, digestive problems, fatigue, depression, etc. Every day our gut flora is disrupted by our diet, stress, medications (especially antibiotics) and lifestyle. Because our gut flora is colossally important to our health, it is important to keep it diversified and balanced. This is when probiotics come to the body’s aid. In the fight against bad bacteria (pathogens), probiotics force the amount of good bacteria everywhere in the intestinal tract, thus helping to increase a balanced intestinal flora.


Lactobacillus liquid concentrate “LACTOBACTERIN+” is a source of probiotic lactobacillus microorganisms and is recommended:
– To restore and maintain intestinal microflora and the gastrointestinal tract as a whole;
– As an aid in preventing dysbacteriosis, including during and after taking antibiotics, and eliminate heaviness, bloating in the stomach (flatulence), stool disorders (diarrhea), nausea, vomiting, belching;
– to produce our own human interferon – an element that prevents the multiplication of viruses in the body, and strengthen immunity during the announcement of a pandemic, during seasonal exacerbations of colds;
– To improve the peristalsis of the esophagus, stomach and intestines;
– As a prophylactic “traveler’s diarrhea.


Contraindications .
Individual intolerance to the components of the product.


Dosage and administration


  • Children from 3 to 12 years – 1 to 3 ml per day;
  • Children from 12 years of age and adults – 3-5 ml per day.
  • The drug should be taken 1-2 times a day, adults are encouraged to take a single daily dose. Take 20-30 minutes before a meal.
  • The duration of intake – 14-30 days.
  • In special cases the drug course may be prolonged up to 2 months.