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Isotretinoin (Retinoic) ointment 0.05% – [15 g tube]


Acne treatment drug

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Retinoin ointment Pharmacodynamics
Isotretinoin is one of the biologically active forms of vitamin A. It inhibits terminal differentiation of sebocytes and hyperproliferation of epithelium of sebaceous gland exit ducts, normalizes the composition of their secretion and facilitates its evacuation. Due to this reduces sebum production and reduces the inflammatory reaction around the glands. The ointment has antiseborrheic, anti-inflammatory, keratolytic effect, enhances the regeneration of the skin.


Papulopustular and comedonal forms of common acne, rosacea (with few eruptions), perioral dermatitis, mild seborrheic dermatitis. The ointment is also recommended for maintaining the clinical effect obtained from the use of retinoids orally or rectally after withdrawal of the drug.


Use with caution in chronic liver disease, kidney disease, chronic pancreatitis, decompensation of the heart.
Pregnancy and lactation
Not recommended to apply to large areas of skin during pregnancy, breast-feeding and women planning to become pregnant.


Dosage and administration
The ointment is applied thinly to clean skin 1-2 times a day. The duration of treatment – 4-12 weeks. The second course of treatment is possible after consultation with your doctor.