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Hyaluronic acid 0.19 g – [30 capsules]


It is recommended as an additional source of hyaluronic acid to maintain the functions of the skin and cartilage tissue of the body.

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Hyaluronic acid Description
Hyaluronic acid 150 mg Evalar – deep skin hydration from within
Up to approximately 25 years of age, the body produces a sufficient amount of hyaluronic acid, but with age, its synthesis gradually begins to decline. A lack of hyaluronic acid manifests itself in various ways in our body.
First of all, the appearance of our skin, especially our face, suffers. Hyaluronic acid has two important functions here: volume maintenance and natural hydration. By filling the space between the collagen fibers that form the “framework” of our skin, hyaluronic acid maintains the facial contour. Its lack in the skin cells that over time around the nasolabial triangle creases form, lowered the corners of the lips, the lips themselves
lips themselves become thinner. Attempts to restore the normal level of moisture to the skin solely with the help of
External cosmetics are not always successful, because the problem lies precisely in the lack of hyaluronic acid inside the body. Hyaluronic acid is the matrix of our body. It acts as a kind of molecular sponge, responsible for maintaining water balance in the body. And, as we know, one can’t live without
Water is a prerequisite for human life. So without hyaluronic acid we wither, grow old and “squeaky”. To avoid such problems, it’s worth taking care to timely replenish its deficiency.
Hyaluronic acid is one of the most popular products for youthful skin. To deliver this amazing substance to the deeper layers of the skin and start the process of
to start rejuvenation process from inside, the company “Evalar” offers a new product: “Hyaluronic Acid 150 mg” in capsules for oral intake.
Maximum* of hyaluronic acid – 150 mg in 1 capsule promotes:
– Deep hydration of all layers of the skin, maintaining water balance of the body
– Improve skin tone and elasticity.
– Slow down the formation of wrinkles and aging skin.
– Protect against photo ageing (sunlight exposure)
– Improve joint mobility and flexibility, and protect cartilage tissue from degradation.
– Eliminating dry eyes
– Increases the effectiveness of external cosmetic products when used together.
The most popular** hyaluronic acid in Russia!
5 reasons to take “Hyaluronic Acid 150 mg” from “Evalar”:
– Maximum* Swiss-made hyaluronic acid for oral administration – 150 mg in each capsule.
– The combination of two types of hyaluronic acid: low- and high-molecular, promotes deep moisturizing of the skin, improving its tone and elasticity.
– Convenient intake – only 1 capsule a day.
– Good price – 2 times cheaper than similar products! ****
– High quality is guaranteed by GMP standard.
True beauty comes from within!
In healthy skin, the high-molecular and low-molecular fractions of hyaluronic acid are in dynamic equilibrium and have good moisture-retaining and regenerating properties. It is in this ratio of high and low molecular weight fractions of hyaluronic acid contained in “Hyaluronic acid 150 mg” from Evalar.
Hyaluronic acid is necessary not only for the skin: it is a very important component of the intra-articular fluid and cartilage. Cartilage acts as a shock absorber, reducing the pressure on the bones and ensuring that they easily slide against each other. Hyaluronic acid deficiency also leads to increased friction in the joint and its gradual deformation.
The use of hyaluronic acid orally in the form of capsules or tablets in highly developed countries is the “gold standard” comprehensive approach to solving the problems of age-related changes in the skin, hair, joints, cardiovascular system, eyes.
*Maximum allowable content of hyaluronic acid for dietary supplements
**Based on data from DSM Group CJSC at the end of 2018
***Certificate of conformity “Brand of the Year”
**** According to the data of CJSC “DSM Group” at the end of 2018

It is recommended as a dietary food supplement – a source of hyaluronic acid.

Individual intolerance to the components of the product, pregnancy, breast-feeding.

Dosage and administration.

  • Adults take 1 capsule 1 time a day with meals.
  • Capsule should be followed with plenty of water.
  • The duration of intake – at least 1 month.
  • If necessary, the reception can be repeated.
  • It is important to observe the drinking regime when taking capsules.