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Extracts of celandine, aloe, kalanchoe (Aquirin) solution – [50 ml vial]


Acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the ear, throat and nose

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Akvirin Description
Hygienic product for external use.
“AQUIRIN” multicomponent aqueous solution of natural herbal ingredients of natural origin, created by an original technology.
The combination of plant extracts and essential oils in the composition ensures its high effectiveness.
Properties of the active ingredients:
Aloe (Aloe) – Aloe leaf juice contains biologically active substances minerals that have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial properties.
Kalanchoe (Kalanchoe) – the juice of the plant contains many useful substances such as tannins, enzymes, flavonoids. organic acids, micro- and macroelements. Due to this, kalanchoe has anti-inflammatory, styptic, bactericidal, wound-healing properties.
Pine buds (Gemmae Pini sylvestris) – contain essential oils and other substances that have antiviral, antimicrobial, wound healing properties. Infusions and decoctions of pine buds help to get rid of inflammation.
Meadowsweet (Filipendula) – has an extremely wide range of uses in medicine. This is due to its composition, which includes vitamin C, tannins, phenolic compounds and salicylic acid n its derivatives. Because of this, meadowsweet is used as a tonic, antibacterial, styptic, wound healing and antiviral agent.
Hellebore (Chelidonium) – the sap of celandine is widely used in folk medicine. The plant has anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, analgesic, antimicrobial, wound healing properties.
Tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternaifolla) is a unique natural antibiotic of selective action. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, wound-healing properties.
Hygienic skin and body care
“AQUIRIN” provides effective care for the areas of skin and soft tissues that have been exposed to mechanical stress.
“AQUIRIN” cleanses well and promotes normalization of the state of skin at age-related changes in adolescents.
Hygienic care of the mouth cavity and throat
“AQUIRIN” has a calming effect, facilitates breathing, has a soothing effect on the mucous membrane. Increases local immunity.
Transparent solution of yellow-brownish color, with a pronounced herbal smell. The presence of fine suspension is allowed. It is non-toxic.

Hygienic skin and body care
Hygiene care for the mouth and throat

Individual intolerance of the individual components.

Dosage and administration

  • During hygienic treatment of damaged soft tissues “Akvirin” is used in dilution of 1:10.
    It wets a cotton swab and produce hygienic treatment of the skin 2-3 times a day.
    Duration of use 3-5 days.
  • “AQUIRIN” cleanses well and helps normalize the condition of the skin at age-related changes in adolescents.
    The skin should be wiped hygienic means “AQUIRIN 2-3 times a day.
    On the problem areas of the skin to make applications to the solution “AQUIRIN.
    When biting insects (gnats, mosquitoes, ticks, etc.) the place of the bite is treated with “AQUIRIN”.
  • A cotton pad abundantly moistened with the product “AQUIRIN” is put on the place of bite. Exposure time is 5 minutes.
    One treatment per day is enough.
  • Hygienic care of the mouth and throat
    During autumn and winter period with increase of microbial and viral load, “AKVIRIN” is recommended as auxiliary means for hygienic care of oral cavity and larynx.
    “AQUIRIN” has a calming effect, facilitates breathing, has a soothing effect on the mucous membrane. Increases local immunity.
  • When using AKVIRIN for hygiene purposes and for prevention of problems with gums and oral mucous membranes, “AKVIRIN” should be diluted with boiled water in the ratio of 1:50.
    Use to rinse your mouth 2-3 times a day, after meals. Duration of use is 3-7 days.
    Sometimes there may be a temporary burning sensation of the oral mucosa after using the drug, which disappears quickly by itself.