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Benzydamine (Farynorm Benzydamine forte) spray for local use dosed 0.51 mg/dose – [15 ml vial]



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Farinorm Benzidamine Pharmacodynamics
Benzidamine is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, belongs to the group of indazoles. It has anti-inflammatory and local analgesic effect, has antiseptic effect against a wide range of microorganisms. The mechanism of action of the drug is associated with stabilization of cell membranes and inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis.
Benzidamin has antibacterial and specific antimicrobial action due to rapid penetration through the membranes of microorganisms with subsequent damage of cellular structures, disruption of metabolic processes and cell lysosomes.
It has antifungal action against Candida albicans. Causes structural modifications of the cell wall of fungi and their metabolic chains, thus preventing their reproduction, which was the basis for the use of benzidamine in inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, including infectious etiology.


Symptomatic therapy of pain syndrome of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and ENT-organs (various etiologies):
– Gingivitis, glossitis, stomatitis (including after radiation and chemotherapy);
– pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis;
– oral mucosal candidiasis (as part of combination therapy);
– Calculous inflammation of the salivary glands;
– after surgical interventions and injuries (tonsillectomy, jaw fractures);
– After treatment or extraction of teeth;
– parodontosis.
In infectious and inflammatory diseases that require systemic treatment, it is necessary to use the drug in combination therapy.


Hypersensitivity to benzidamine or other components of the drug, children under 18 years of age.
Hypersensitivity to acetylsalicylic acid or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, bronchial asthma (including in the anamnesis).
Administration during pregnancy and lactation
It is not recommended to use the drug during pregnancy and lactation.


Dosage and administration.


  • Topically, after a meal. One dose (one injection) corresponds to 0.510 mg of benzidamine. Adults take 2-4 doses 2-6 times a day.
  • Directions for use:
1. Turn the nozzle of the cap to the “vertical to the vial” position (Fig. 1).
2. Insert the nozzle into your mouth and point at the inflamed areas. Press the cap several times. according to the recommended dose (Fig. 2).
3. Return the nozzle to its original position (Fig. 3).
  • One squeeze corresponds to one dose. Hold your breath during injection.
  • If it is necessary to use the drug for more than 7 days, a physician should be consulted. If there is no improvement after treatment or if new symptoms occur, you should consult a physician. Use the drug only according to the method of use and in such doses as specified in the instructions. If necessary, please consult a physician.