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Zinc oxide (Zinc) ointment 10% – [30 g tube]


Anti-inflammatory for topical use

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Zinc oxide ointment Pharmacodynamics
Anti-inflammatory agent for external use, has adsorptive, antiseptic, astringent and drying effect. Forms albuminates and denatures proteins. Reduces exudation and drenching, which relieves local inflammation and irritation, is a physical barrier to the action of irritants.


– “diaper” rash (diaper rash);
– dermatitis;
– Ulcerative skin lesions,
– Superficial wounds,
– burns.


Contraindications .
Hypersensitivity to the drug.


Dosage and administration
  • The ointment is applied a thin layer on the affected skin 4-6 times a day. The amount of ointment applied depends on the severity of the lesion. When treating burns and wounds you can use an occlusive dressing. For prevention of diaper rash in children, Zinc oxide ointment is applied to areas of the body that are in prolonged contact with wet underwear.