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Vitamin B1, B6, B12, lidocaine hydrochloride (Larigama) intramuscular 2 ml – [5 ampoules]


Vitamin b complex

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Larigama Pharmacodynamics
Combined multivitamin drug. The action of the drug is determined by the properties of the vitamins included in it. Neurotropic B vitamins have a beneficial effect on inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system.
Thiamine (vitamin B,) plays a key role in the processes of carbohydrate metabolism, which is crucial in the metabolic processes of the nervous tissue (involved in conducting the nerve impulse), as well as in the Krebs cycle with subsequent participation in the synthesis of thiaminopyrophosphate (TPP) and adenosine triphosphate (ATP).
Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) has a vital effect on the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and is essential for normal hematopoiesis and the functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system. It provides synaptic transmission, inhibition in the central nervous system (CNS), participates in the transport of sphingosine, which is part of the nerve sheath, participates in the synthesis of catecholamines.
The physiological function of both vitamins (B1 and B6) is to potentiate each other’s action, manifesting as a positive effect on the nervous, neuromuscular and cardiovascular systems.
Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) is involved in the synthesis of nucleotides, is an important factor in growth, hematopoiesis and development of epithelial cells; it is necessary for the metabolism of folic acid and the synthesis of myelin.
Lidocaine has a local anesthetic effect at the injection site, dilates blood vessels and promotes vitamin absorption. Local anesthetic effect of lidocaine is due to the blockade of potential-dependent sodium channels, which prevents the generation of impulses along the nerve fibers.

In the treatment of:
– mono- and polyneuropathies of various genesis;
– dorsalgia;
– plexopathies;
– Lumboishyalgia;
– radicular syndrome caused by degenerative changes in the spine.

– Hypersensitivity to the drug components;
– Acute heart failure, chronic heart failure in decompensation;
– Children under 18 years of age (efficacy and safety has not been established);
– Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
Administration during pregnancy and breast-feeding.
The use of the drug is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.

Directions for use and dosages

  • Injections are carried out deeply intramuscularly (see section “Cautions”).
  • It is recommended to start treatment with intramuscular injection (deep) of 2 ml daily for 5-10 days with further change to oral administration or more rarely injections (2-3 times per week for 2-3 weeks) with possible continuation of oral dosage form therapy.
  • Weekly monitoring of therapy by a physician is necessary. The duration of treatment is determined by the physician individually, depending on the severity of symptoms.
  • Transition to therapy with oral dosage form is recommended as soon as possible.