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Succinic acid, inosine, nicotinamide (Cytoflavin) – [50 tablets]


Metabolic agent

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Cytoflavin Pharmacodynamics
Pharmacological effects are caused by the complex action of constituent substances of Cytoflavin
substances. Cytoflavin increases the intensity of aerobic glycolysis, resulting in activation of glucose utilization and β-oxidation of fatty acids, and stimulates the synthesis of γ-aminobutyric acid in neurons. Cytoflavin increases resistance of nerve and glial cell membranes to ischemia, which is manifested by a decrease in the concentration of neurospecific proteins that characterize the level of destruction of the main structural components of nervous tissue.
Cytoflavin improves coronary and cerebral blood flow, activates metabolic processes in the central nervous system, restores disturbed consciousness, facilitates regression of neurological symptoms and improves cognitive functions of the brain. It has a fast awakening effect in post-arrest depression of consciousness.
When Cytoflavin is administered within the first 12 hours from the onset of stroke, a favorable course of ischemic and necrotic processes in the lesion area (reduction of the focus), recovery of neurological status and reduction of disability in the long term period are observed.


In adults in the complex therapy:
– Consequences of cerebral infarction;
– Other cerebrovascular diseases (cerebral atherosclerosis, hypertensive encephalopathy);
– Neurasthenia (irritability, fatigue, loss of capacity for prolonged
mental and physical stress);
– For the prevention of cognitive disorders after major surgery in elderly patients.


Individual intolerance to the components of the drug. It is not recommended for use in children under 18 years of age in connection with the lack of data on the efficacy and safety.
Digestive diseases (erosions, gastric and/or duodenal ulcers, gastritis and duodenitis (acute stage)), arterial hypotension, nephrolithiasis, associated gout, hyperuricemia. Caution should be exercised when using Cytoflavin in patients who have undergone cardiac surgery with a heart-lung machine, because of lack of clinical trials in this group of patients. If you have one of the above mentioned diseases, always consult your doctor before taking the drug.
Pregnancy and Breast-feeding
It is not recommended to apply during pregnancy and breastfeeding because of lack of clinical data about safety and efficacy of the drug during this period.


Directions for use and dosages
  • It is recommended to take the tablets at least 30 minutes before meals, without chewing and with water (100 ml). It is recommended to take the drug in the morning and during the day (not later than 18 hours). In the treatment of the complex effects of cerebral infarction, other cerebrovascular diseases, neurasthenia the drug is taken in 2 tablets
  • 2 times a day at intervals of 8-10 hours. The duration of the course of treatment is 25 days. The course may be repeated at intervals of at least 1 month.
  • For prophylaxis of cognitive disorders after extensive surgery in elderly patients, the preparation is taken 2 tablets 2 times a day at 8-10 hours intervals during 25 days. Initiation of use
  • Cytoflavin tablets with enteric coating is recommended 144 (± 4) hours after the beginning of surgery, i.e. the next day after the end of treatment with Cytoflavin solution for intravenous injection”.