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Sodium hyaluronate (Gylan Comfort) ophthalmic 0.18% 0.4 ml – [30 vials]


Medical device for moisturizing and protecting the mucous membrane of the eye

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Gilan Comfort Description
Properties and efficacy
Medical product Gilan Comfort is a sterile 0.18% aqueous solution of sodium hyaluronate without preservatives. The active ingredient is highly purified sodium hyaluronate, produced by bacterial fermentation. Sodium hyaluronate is a physiological polysaccharide
compound contained in both eye tissues and other tissues and fluids of the human body.
A special physicochemical property of sodium hyaluronate molecules is their strong ability to bind water molecules. Aqueous solution of sodium hyaluronate (HILAN) has the necessary viscosity and high adhesive properties. When using Gilan Comfort ophthalmic solution on the epithelium of the cornea
forms a thin uniform film which protects eyes from drying out, irritation and development of inflammation of the anterior surface of the eyeball. The protective film takes effect immediately, protecting the eyes against a sensation of dryness, grittiness, foreign body effect and irritation, which is often caused by work at a computer, prolonged use of air conditioners and other office equipment and worsening of environmental conditions.
When you wear contact lenses systematically, it is recommended to use Gilan Comfort ophthalmic solution, which contributes to long-term hydration of the eye, because its action is identical to that of natural tear fluid.
The solution has a viscosity index between 3.5 and 6.0 mPa/s.
Gilan Comfort Ophthalmic Solution does not contain preservatives, so there is no unwanted toxic effect on the tissues of the eye. Long-term use of the drug is possible.
Hydrating ophthalmic solution Gilan Comfort (hereinafter – the Solution)
is a colorless, slightly viscous, odorless liquid.

– To moisturize the anterior surface of the eye (cornea and conjunctiva) in cases of
“Moderate dry eye syndrome;
– for Sjögren’s syndrome;
– to eliminate feelings of dry eyes, “sand” in the eye, with burning, tearing,
Redness, itching, fatigue, “office” syndrome, as well as a feeling of foreign
A foreign body in the eye, a feeling of “tiredness”, after various eye diseases,
especially after conjunctivitis and keratitis of different etiology;
– In the complex treatment of chronic blepharitis, which causes “dry” eye syndrome;
– For eliminating “dry eye” in cases of systematic and prolonged use of
of medications (hormonal drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs,
antibiotics, etc.)
– for the complex treatment of dry eye in cases of continued use of
Cosmetic products and after plastic surgeries on the face;
– To moisturize the anterior surface of the eye after ophthalmic surgery
After ophthalmic surgery, including refractive surgery and eye surgery.

Hypersensitivity to any of the components that make up Gilan Comfort ophthalmic solution.

Dosage and administration

  • Hyalan Comfort moistening ophthalmic solution is applied 1-2 drops into the conjunctival sac as needed up to 6 times a day. The contents of 1 tube dropper (0.4 ml) is for one use.
  • Unused Solution should be disposed of immediately after use.