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Prostate extract (Uroprost) rectal – [10 suppositories]


Chronic prostatitis remedy

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Uroprost Pharmacodynamics
The drug has anti-inflammatory and anti-aggregation action, stimulates the muscles of the bladder.
Active substances of the prostate extract belong to a group of peptide bioregulators – cytomedines. These drug substances are basic peptides with a molecular weight of 1 to 10 kDa. Low-molecular-weight peptides of para- or autocrine nature, act as transspecific intra- and intercellular messengers.
Prostate peptides reduce blood clotting time and increase antiaggregation activity of the vascular wall, improve blood microcirculation, enhance blood fibrinolytic activity, increase contractile activity of detrusor myocytes in vivo, in vitro. They have immunomodulatory and immunostimulatory effects, enhance synthesis of antihistamine and antiserotonin antibodies.
At the heart of the application of peptide bioregulators in the treatment of chronic prostatitis is the ability of these drugs to restore microcirculation, have an indirect anti-inflammatory effect by increasing the synthesis of antihistamine and antiserotonin antibodies, as well as their immunomodulatory and immunostimulatory effects.
Treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia is based on the most important biological effect of cytomedines: organotropy, which allows to regulate the processes of differentiation and function of cells in the organ from which they are isolated.


Chronic prostatitis, condition before and after operations on the prostate, benign prostatic hyperplasia.


Contraindications .
Individual intolerance (including hypersensitivity in the history).


Dosage and administration


  • The drug is used rectally. After releasing the suppository from the wrapping, put it in the anus after defecation or purgative enema.
  • Use 1 suppository 1 time a day. After insertion of the drug it is desirable for the patient to stay in bed for 30-40 minutes.
  • The duration of treatment is 20 days.
  • Repeated courses are possible under indications; it is recommended not earlier than 2-4 weeks.