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Phenobarbital, ethylbromisovalerinate (Valoserdin) drops – [15 ml vial]



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Valoserdin Pharmacodynamics
Combination drug.
Ethyl ester of alpha-bromisovaleric acid is a sedative, mild sedative and antispasmodic agent.
Phenobarbital has a vasodilatory and sedative effect, a sleeping pill (in appropriate doses).
Peppermint oil has reflex vasodilator and antispasmodic activity.

– vasomotor disorders;
– neurosis (as part of a combination therapy);
– irritability;
– anxiety;
– coronary spasm (mild);
– tachycardia;
– insomnia;
– arterial hypertension (early stages);
– cardialgia;
– intestinal and biliary colic.

– hypersensitivity;
– pregnancy;
– lactation.

Dosage and administration.

  • Inside (before meals), 15-30 drops 2-3 If tachycardia and vasospasm, the single dose may be increased to 40-45 drops.