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Pancramine 155 mg – [40 tablets]


It is recommended to use to accelerate reparative processes and restore pancreatic function in acute and chronic pathology in diabetes mellitus

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Pancramin Description
Pancramin is derived from the pancreas of cattle and is a complex of proteins and nucleoproteins that have a selective effect on the cellular structures of the pancreas and contribute to accelerated recovery, normalization of pancreatic function.
Clinical tests were carried out in 118 patients with chronic pancreatitis and latent form of diabetes mellitus. Control group consisted of 96 similar patients who were on the conventional treatment.
Pankramin effectiveness evaluation criteria were the patients’ complaints, as well as the indexes of general clinical blood and urine tests, biochemical blood tests, duodenal contents test, dynamics of glucose tolerance test.
At the end of the course of pancramine use in patients with chronic pancreatitis we observed an improvement of appetite and reduction of the frequency of dyspeptic disorders. There was an objective tendency to increase activity of pancreatic enzymes (trypsin and a-amylase) which correlated with the improvement of clinical symptomatology.
In patients with the latent form of diabetes mellitus pancramine was used under the control of the glucose tolerance test. Before the use of pancramine (after sugar load) patients had a characteristic glycemic curve, and against the background of the use of pancramine during the test a gradual decrease in blood glucose levels with subsequent normalization was revealed. In the control group no such changes were detected.
Special mention should be made of the presence of insulin in pancramine. The Institute of High Molecular Compounds RAS conducted a study using high-performance liquid chromatography indicating the absence of traces of insulin in pancramine. Technology for obtaining semi-finished products from the pancreas involves prolonged residence of the source material in a strong alkaline environment in which insulin is destroyed.


To accelerate recovery of pancreatic function in its acute and chronic lesions, diabetes, malnutrition, disorders of digestion, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. It is also recommended for the elderly to maintain pancreatic function and normalize the function of the gastrointestinal tract.


Dosage and administration


  • Pankramin recommended to take 10-15 minutes before a meal, 1 – 3 tablets 2-3 times a day for 10-15 days. Drinking water, do not chew!
  • It is desirable to repeat the course in 3-6 months.