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N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester (Noopept) 10 mg – [50 tablets]



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Noopept Pharmacodynamics
Noopept® has nootropic and neuroprotective properties. It improves learning ability and memory by acting on all phases of processing: initial information processing, consolidation, retrieval. Prevents development of amnesia caused by electroshock, blockade of central cholinergic structures, glutamatergic receptor systems, deprivation of sleep paroxysmal phase. Neuroprotective (protective) effect of Noopept® is manifested by increasing resistance of brain tissue to damaging influences (trauma, hypoxia, electroconvulsive, toxic) and weakening of the degree of damage of brain neurons. The drug reduces the focal volume in the thrombotic model of stroke and prevents the death of neurons in the tissue culture of the cerebral cortex and cerebellum exposed to neurotoxic concentrations of glutamate and free-radical oxygen. Noopept® has antioxidant effect, blocks potential-dependent calcium channels of neurons, weakening neurotoxic effect of excess calcium, improves blood rheological properties, having antiaggregant, fibrinolytic, anticoagulant properties.
The nootropic effect of the drug is associated with the formation of cycloprolilglycine, similar in structure to the endogenous cyclic dipeptide, which has anti-amnestic activity, as well as with the presence of choline-positive action.
Noopept® increases the amplitude of the transcallosal response, facilitating associative connections between cerebral hemispheres at the level of cortical structures. It promotes restoration of memory and other cognitive functions impaired as a result of damaging influences – brain trauma, local and global ischemia, prenatal damage (alcohol, hypoxia).
The therapeutic effect of the drug in patients with organic disorders of
central nervous system is manifested starting from the 5th-7th day of treatment. At first, anxiolytic and mild stimulant effects available in activity spectrum of Noopept® are realized, which are manifested as decrease or disappearance of anxiety, increased irritability, affective lability, sleep disturbances. After 14-20 days of therapy, a positive effect of the drug on cognitive functions, attention and memory parameters is observed.
Noopept® has vegetonormalizing effect, helps to reduce headaches, orthostatic disorders, tachycardia.
Withdrawal of the drug does not cause withdrawal syndrome.
The drug does not have a damaging effect on internal organs; does not lead to changes in the cellular composition of blood and biochemical parameters of blood and urine; does not have immunotoxic, teratogenic effect, does not exhibit mutagenic properties.


Disorders of memory, attention, other cognitive functions and emotionally labile disorders (including elderly patients) in:
– Consequences of craniocerebral trauma,
– Post-communicative syndrome,
– Vascular cerebral insufficiency (encephalopathies of different genesis),
– asthenic disorders,
– Other conditions with signs of decreased intellectual productivity.


Pregnancy, breast-feeding. Age under 18 years. Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. Lactase deficiency, lactose intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption. Severe liver and kidney dysfunction.
Administration during pregnancy and breast-feeding.
The drug is contraindicated for use during pregnancy.
If it is necessary to apply the drug during breast-feeding, it is necessary to decide on stopping breast-feeding.


Dosage and administration method


  • Noopept® is administered orally, after meals. Treatment begins with a dose of 20 mg, divided into two doses of 10 mg during the day (morning and afternoon). In case of insufficient effectiveness of therapy and good tolerability of the drug, the dose is increased to 30 mg (see “Cautionary Note”), distributed in three doses of 10 mg per day. The drug should not be taken later than 18 hours. Duration of treatment course is 1.5 – 3 months. The second course of treatment, if necessary, can be carried out after 1 month.