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Lipoderm, coconut, soybean oils (Specmaz) cream-balm universal – [44 ml tube]


It soothes pain, relieves inflammation, has an antiseptic, disinfecting, bactericidal effect, promotes tissue healing in case of various skin lesions, special ointment cream-balm stimulates the active restoration of damaged fibers

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Spetsmaz universal Description
SPETZMAZ BRAND ® all-purpose cream-balm.
Passed the microbiological, toxicological, physical-chemical tests.
Excellent protection. Powerfully nourishes. Greatly softens dry skin. Improves the lost elasticity, gets rid of unpleasant dryness, rigidity of the skin. Intensively saturates the skin with minerals and microelements, stimulating active regeneration of damaged and aged skin cells. It protects the skin against possible negative effects caused by aggressive environmental factors, such as frost, sun, wind, cold water, excessive use of household chemicals, frequent washing of dishes, very frequent stay in a cool place, visiting swimming pools and baths, excessive exposure to direct sunlight (excessive tanning). Suitable to help against unpleasant reactions from contact with your underwear and outerwear, as well as peeling after shaving, etc. It has a number of beneficial properties that are good for problematic and aged skin, thanks to an optimally selected complex of natural plant extracts, Siberian fir oil and formic alcohol. Shortens the recovery period. When applied creates a thin invisible protective film.
Does not stick to clothes and does not leave greasy residue.
Cream-balm white, sour consistency, with a specific smell

Universal cream-balsam for rapid relief of various skin problems. For skin care.
For preventive purposes, it can be used before and after visiting public places (public transport, offices, workplaces, sports halls and stadiums, canteens, music events, etc.). Has a strong aroma.

Individual intolerance to the components of the product. Do not use children under 5 years of age!

Dosage and administration
Using light massaging movements apply a small amount to the skin and leave until completely absorbed. Avoid contact with eyes.