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L-Theanine (Theanine Evalar) 500 mg – [30 capsules]


Theanine evalar activates the intellect and creative energy

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Theanine Description
The Japanese have discovered a unique remedy to stimulate business and mental performance – it is the amino acid L-theanine, isolated from green tea leaves. That theanine works as an activator of brain activity, but it does not cause excitability of the nervous system, but instead allows you to remain calm, mental clarity and reduce the pressure that has risen due to stress.
Theanine Evalar – a real doping for the brain. It contains the optimum dosage of theanine – 500 mg in two capsules. While in the usual cup of green tea – only 10-20 mg, which, incidentally, causes an increase in blood pressure due to the presence of caffeine.
Theanine Evalar activates the intellect and creative energy, and it is from them depends not only the success at work, but also the simple survival in the modern world.
Theanine Evalar contributes to:
– Increase intelligence, business activity and creative energy
– Reduction of stress, anxiety and irritability
– Normalization of blood pressure caused by stress
– Improve concentration.
At the peak of mental performance!
Quality is guaranteed by international GMP standards


L-theanine promotes:
– Calmness
– Relaxation
– Maintaining mental clarity
– Maintains high mental alertness, concentration and good mood
– Normalizes blood pressure
– Does not cause drowsiness or addiction


Not recommended if you are hypersensitive to the product components, pregnancy, breast-feeding. Before use, it is recommended to consult with your doctor.


Dosage and administration
Adults take 2 capsules a day. The duration of intake – a month. If necessary, the reception can be continued.