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Gramicidin S, cetylpyridinium chloride (Grammidin for children) – [18 lozenges]


Antibiotic for local use in ent practice and dentistry

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Gramicidin Baby Pharmacodynamics
Combination preparation for symptomatic treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the throat and oral cavity. The drug contains the antimicrobial agent Gramicidin C and the antiseptic agent – cetylpyridinium chloride. The mechanism of action of Gramicidin C is associated with increased permeability of the cytoplasmic membrane of the microbial cell, which breaks its resistance and causes its death. Gramicidin C has antibacterial (bactericidal) effect against a wide range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative microorganisms. Cetylpyridinium chloride belongs to the antiseptic agents, inhibits the growth and reproduction of pathogens of infectious diseases of the mouth. The drug has antimicrobial action, reduces inflammation, alleviates discomfort in the throat, facilitates swallowing, when resorbed causes hypersalivation, which contributes to the mechanical cleansing of the oral cavity and throat of microorganisms.

For children from 4 years,
Symptomatic treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the mouth and throat, accompanied by pain in the throat and mouth: pharyngitis, tonsillitis, periodontitis, gingivitis, stomatitis.

-High sensitivity to the components of the drug;
-Phenylketonuria (the drug contains aspartame);
-Period of lactation;
-Childhood age less than 4 years.
Pregnancy and lactation:
Pregnant women should consult a physician before using the drug. The drug may be used if the potential benefit to the mother exceeds the possible risk to the fetus.
Breast-feeding should be stopped during the treatment period.

Dosage and administration method

  • Topically. It is used after a meal, by swallowing in the mouth, without chewing.
  • Immediately after using the drug should refrain from eating and drinking for 1-2 hours.
  • Dosage for children from 4 to 12 years: 1 tablet 4 times a day. The maximum daily dose is 4 tablets.
  • Dosage for children over 12 years of age and adults: 2 tablets (one after another for 20-30 minutes) 4 times a day. Maximum daily dose is 8 tablets.
  • If there is no therapeutic effect within 7 days of taking the drug, it is recommended to consult a doctor.