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Glycerol (Glycerin) rectal 2.11 g – [10 suppositories]


A laxative that softens stools

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Glycerin Pharmacodynamics
Drug of laxative action. Mild irritant effect of glycerin on the mucous membrane of the rectum stimulates the act of defecation, helps soften stools, causing bowel emptying.

Constipation of various etiologies: functional (habitual), psychogenic, senile, constipation in sedentary patients, as well as constipation associated with a decrease in the sensitivity of the rectal receptor system.

Acute anal fissures, hemorrhoids in the acute stage, inflammation of the rectal mucosa, rectal tumors. Dosage and administration with a suppository, loosened from the wrapping and inserted deep into the rectum after a purging enema or spontaneous colon cleansing, one suppository a day, preferably 15-20 minutes after breakfast

Dosage and administration

  • Rectally – once a day, preferably 15-20 minutes after breakfast.
  • Externally – smeared on the affected areas as needed.