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Extracts of epimedium, eleutherococcus, L-arginine (Yarsagumba forte) tablets 1.5 g – [5 tablets]


Biologically active food supplement to enhance potency and comprehensive solutions to male sexual problems

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Yarsagumba forte

Enhanced Formula with 11 Powerful Biocomponents

Contributes to Increased Sexual Activity

“Yarsa Gumba® Forte” is a biologically active food supplement designed to enhance potency and provide comprehensive solutions for male sexual problems. It is based on 11 powerful natural ingredients with clinically proven efficacy. The natural ingredients of “Yarsa Gumba® Forte” are standardized according to the content of active ingredients. They gently, reliably, and safely stimulate natural processes in the human body to enhance potency, achieve a powerful stable erection, increase desire, sensations, and brightness of orgasm. The supplement also aims to prolong intercourse for maximum pleasure.

Doses of biologically active substances in the composition of dietary supplement “Yarsa Gumba® Forte” are the highest possible, while adhering to the levels established by the regulations governing the circulation of dietary supplements.

“Yarsa Gumba® Forte” contains no chemical substances and is effective at any age. The unique manufacturing process guarantees its breakdown in the body and full assimilation of biologically active substances. For optimal results, a course of reception is recommended.

1 tablet contains, at least:

  • Taurine 95.0 mg
  • Flavonoids (converted to rutin) 5.5 mg
  • Proanthocyanidins 55.0 mg
  • Panaxosides 3.5 mg
  • Eleutherosides 0.8 mg

The Yarsa Gumba Forte formula is based on legendary Tibetan cordyceps (yarsagumba), Chinese girndinka, eurycoma root (tongkat ali), and 7 other powerful natural extracts proven over thousands of years.

Tibetan cordyceps (yarsagumba) is a unique natural hybrid of a caterpillar and a mushroom that grows only in one place on Earth: the mountains of Tibet at an altitude of over 3,500 meters. It was nicknamed “the divine gift” due to its unprecedented ability to increase potency and vitality. Historically, it was valued so highly that only emperors could afford it. Some of them lived up to 100 years and had dozens of concubines and children.

Chinese hotpot is a rare plant found in Japan, China, and Korea. Its leaves contain a complex of biologically active substances useful for men. The most extensively studied is the flavonoid icariin, which improves erectile function, sperm quality, sexual activity, and libido, while also stimulating reproductive functions.

Eurycoma longifolia root, also known as Tongkat Ali, forms the basis of the famous Tongkat Ali Platinum drug for men. This legendary root has been recognized for centuries as a powerful aphrodisiac and enhancer of male potency and physical strength. It enhances the synthesis of endogenous testosterone, leading to increased libido, improved erection, and better ejaculation control.

YarsaGumba Forte’s effectiveness is due to proven components, high-quality raw materials, and adherence to extraction and storage technologies. This ensures a truly effective and safe supplement complex for your health.

Yarsagumba Forte – A Guarantee of Powerful and Long-Lasting Sexual Activity

Yarsagumba Forte enhances sexual potency in men, prevents pollution, and increases sexual desire in both men and women. It also enhances the brightness of sexual experiences and has a beneficial effect on the health of all organs and body systems.

  • Reliable and stable erection
  • Extended intercourse, preventing premature ejaculation
  • Intensified erotic sensations and high sexual activity

The powerful effect of “Yarsagumba Forte” becomes noticeable from the first capsule, and after 14 days of treatment, you are guaranteed:

  • Powerful potency in any circumstances
  • Strong libido and sexual desire
  • Stable and strong erection
  • Enhanced sexual stamina and fast recovery

The pills are solid, ranging in color from light yellow to dark brown-green, with flecks of white, dark green, brown, and reddish-brown. They have a smell consistent with the component composition of the drug.


As a dietary food supplement, “Yarsagumba Forte” is a source of taurine, flavonoids, eleutherosides, panaxosides, proanthocyanidins containing icariin, and yohimbine.


Individual intolerance to the components, severe liver and kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, treatment with adrenomimetics, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias, marked atherosclerosis, insomnia, reception in the evening, increased nervous excitability.

Dosage and Administration

For Men: Take 1 tablet a day with meals. The recommended duration of intake is 2-3 weeks. Reception is possible for 1-2 months, with possible reruns during the year.

Yarsagumba is a Promising Therapeutic Option for Treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension due to the Potent Anti-Proliferative and Vasorelaxant Properties