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Dioxomethyltetrahydropyrimidine (Stisamet) ointment 3% – [10 g tube]


A drug that improves trophism and tissue regeneration, for external use

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Stisamet Pharmacodynamics
Stisamet has an anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates skin regeneration and reduces the likelihood of suppuration. The drug increases the synthesis of intracellular proteins and nucleic acids and activates the fibroblastic reaction in the dermis. Stisamet also has a photoprotective effect.

Inflammatory skin diseases (eczema, neurodermatitis, dermatitis), poorly healing wounds, burns (thermal, chemical, radiation in the reparative stage), skin erosions and ulcers (including after radiation therapy), trophic ulcers, pressure sores, cracked skin of the anus and mammary glands. It can be used as a prophylactic purpose for prevention of skin reactions at irradiation of neoplasms with low radiosensitivity, for reduction of radioepithelitis and late adhesions of vaginal walls (occlusions) – in case of radiotherapy of genital neoplasms. It is also used as a photoprotective agent in photodermatosis.

Hypersensitivity, acute and chronic forms of leukemia and other malignant diseases of the hematopoietic system, an excess of granulation in the wound.
Use with caution in skin diseases accompanied by excessive tissue overgrowths: vegetative vesicular disease, vegetative pyoderma, verrucous form of red squamous lichen planus, verrucous epidermodysplasia, etc., excessive granulation in wounds and ulcers, acute inflammatory skin diseases and during exacerbation of chronic ones. The drug should also be used with caution on large areas of skin with cholesterol metabolism disorders and severe liver diseases. For radioepithelitis and late vaginal radiation injuries the ointment is used on loose tampons in the form of applications.
Use during pregnancy and lactation
It is possible.

Dosage and administration

  • Outwardly, topically. The ointment is applied thinly to the affected areas of the skin 2 times a day, with erosions, ulcers and wounds – after pretreatment with antiseptics. For radioepithelitis and late vaginal radiation injuries the ointment is used on loose tampons in the form of applications.  A single dose based on the area of the treated skin surface is from 1 to 10 g of ointment. The course of treatment is until complete healing. Course duration is up to 2 months for chronic diseases. Course dose may be 60-80 g or more (up to 300 g).