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Dimetindene (Fenicitol) gel 0.1% – [50 g tube]


Anti-allergic agent – h1-histamine receptor blocker

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Phenicytol Pharmacodynamics
An antihistamine, anti-allergic and antipruritic agent. H1-histamine receptor blocker, is a competitive histamine antagonist.
The drug reduces the increased capillary permeability associated with allergic reactions. When applied to the skin, the drug reduces itching and irritation caused by skin allergic reactions. The drug also has a pronounced local anesthetic effect.
It also has antikinin and weak anticholinergic effect.
When used topically, due to its gel base, it has a rapid onset of action (in a few minutes) and a slight cooling effect. Maximal effect occurs after 1-4 hours.


Cutaneous itching of various origins (except that associated with cholestasis), such as: pruritic dermatoses, eczema, urticaria, insect bites.
Sunburn, domestic and industrial burns (mild).


Contraindications .
Hypersensitivity to dimethindene and other ingredients of the drug, closed-angle glaucoma, prostatic hyperplasia, children under 1 month of age, especially premature babies.
With caution:
Pregnancy I trimester, period of breast-feeding.
Pregnancy and lactation:
Before using Dimethinden, if you are pregnant or anticipate that you might be pregnant or are planning to become pregnant, you should consult your doctor.
Use of the drug in the 1st trimester of pregnancy is possible only after consultation with your doctor. It is not recommended to apply the drug in the second and third trimesters and during breast-feeding on large skin areas, especially if there is inflammation or bleeding.
Breast-feeding mothers should not apply the drug to the nipples.


Directions for use and dosages


  • Outwardly.
  • The gel is applied to the affected area of the skin 2-4 times a day. In cases of severe itching or widespread skin lesions it is recommended to use oral forms of dimethinden simultaneously.