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D-mannose, inulin (Ecocystin) oral 3000 mg – [20 sachets]


As a dietary food supplement – a source of inulin.

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Ecocystin Description
Biologically active food supplement “Ecocystin” – powder for the preparation of a solution for oral intake.
-D-mannose enhances the body’s natural defense mechanism.
D-mannose is a carbohydrate of natural origin, practically not metabolized by the human body and does not affect the composition of normal human microflora.
Getting into the body with food, D-mannose is practically not absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and enters the bloodstream unchanged, reaches the genitourinary system, covering their epithelium. It has selective activity against pathogenic strains of E.Co/i bacteria, which are the main cause of infectious inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system. By binding E.Coli receptors, D-mannose prevents them from attaching to the epithelium and promotes their washout from the body with the urine.
-Inulin is a source of dietary fiber of plant origin, which has prebiotic properties. Contributes to the selective growth of their own beneficial intestinal microflora, relieves symptoms of dysbiosis.
Contents in a daily dosage (1 sachet contains):
D-mannose – 1500 mg
Inulin – 1492.50 mg
Amorphous silicon dioxide – 7.5 mg
Nutritional value per 1 sachet of 3000 mg: carbohydrates – 2.9 g. Protein 0.0 g, fat 0.0 g, energy value 48.57 kJ / 11.6 kcal.
Contributes to:
– Reducing painful feelings when urinating,
– Improve the functional status of the urinary system,
– Reduce the risk of inflammatory processes of the urinary tract.


As a dietary food supplement – a source of inulin.


Individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy, breast-feeding.


Dosage and administration.
  • Adults: 1 sachet-packet daily with meals, dissolving the contents of 1 sachet-packet in 1/2 cup of water.
  • The duration of intake – 20 days.
  • If necessary, the reception can be repeated.
  • 1 package for a full course of treatment.