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Chamomile, matricaria flowers, calendulae flos (Rotocan-Vialin) rinsing solution – [200 ml vial]


It has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, antiseptic, weak astringent, analgesic, sedative effect.

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Rotokan Vialine Description
Organoleptics (consistency, color, odor): Homogeneous liquid without extraneous inclusions, color brown, with a characteristic odor of the raw material used
Ready-made rinse Rotokan Vialin does not contain alcohol, so does not have an irritating effect on the oral mucosa and does not cause a dry feeling in the mouth.
Chamomile Extract
Provides anti-inflammatory, styptic, antiseptic, mildly astringent, analgesic, sedative effect.
Extract of calendula flowers
Has bactericidal properties against a number of pathogens, especially staphylococci and streptococci, which provoke disorders of mucosal tissues, has wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effect.
Yarrow extract
Yarrow contains the enzyme achillein, which helps to heal small ulcers, reduces inflammation by normalizing cell processes and improving blood supply to tissues; polyphenolic compounds (flavonoids, phenoxy acids, coumarins and tannins) that have bactericidal, astringent and anti-inflammatory effect.
Result: active ingredients of the rinse effectively cleanse the mouth from bacteria and their products, reduce the rate of plaque formation, provide breath freshness.

Components of Rotokan Vialine® help to strengthen the gums and promote rapid healing of wounds and microcrashes in the mouth.

Do not use if you are hypersensitive to the ingredients included in the composition.

Dosage and administration
Shake well before use.  Use after meals or after brushing teeth, or as needed. Measure 5-10 ml of the rinse, and rinse intensively in the mouth for 1-3 minutes without swallowing. It is recommended to use at least twice a day.