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Cellex subcutaneous injection 0.1 mg/ml 1 ml – [5 ampoules]


Cellex is prescribed for acute cerebral circulation disorders during the acute and early stages of recovery from the illness.

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Cellex Pharmacodynamics
Presence of tissue-specific signal proteins and polypeptides – growth factors, nerve cells differentiation factors in the drug causes its direct neuroreparative action due to regulation of concentration of neurotransmitters pool, and inhibition of excitatory amino acids spilover.
The drug activates secondary neuroprotection due to stimulation of synaptogenesis processes, restoration of autophagy signals, improvement of tissue immunoregulation with inhibition of immunogenic cytotoxicity of macrophages. At the same time it is marked tissue-specific and systemic reparative action of the drug with restoration of regenerative and reparative potential of brain cells, reduction of the number of damaged cells and severity of perifocal edema in the penumbra zone (allows to achieve significant limitation of the focus of necrosis of brain tissue) with restoration of microcirculation and total perfusion.
Restoration and regulatory stimulation of various CNS compartments with systemic exposure to growth factors, differentiation and signaling molecules provides reduction of recovery and rehabilitation period of patients with injuries of central and peripheral nervous system of vascular genesis and restoration of motor, sensory and cognitive functions.
The therapeutic effect usually develops 3-5 days after the beginning of the drug administration.
Cerebrovascular diseases:
– Acute disorders of cerebral circulation in the acute and early rehabilitation period of the course of the disease as part of complex therapy.
– epilepsy;
– manic psychosis;
– productive delirium;
– delirium;
– Under 18 years of age (due to insufficient clinical data).
Administration during pregnancy and lactation
Lack of appropriate studies does not allow using Cellex in this contingent of patients.
Administration in children
Administration in children and adolescents under 18 years of age is contraindicated.
Dosage and administration method
  • Cellex is prescribed to adults in dose 0.1-0.2 mg 1 time / day by mouth for 10 days depending on the severity of the patient’s condition. If necessary, the course should be repeated in 10 days. Studies on its use in pediatric practice have not been conducted.
  • Rules for administration of the solution
  • The drug is administered by mouth through a sterile syringe filter, included in the kit.
  • To administer the desired amount of Cellex in the syringe, remove the needle, then put on the syringe a sterile sterile syringe filter with a pore diameter of 0.22 microns. A new needle is taken and placed on the sterile syringe filter. The preparation is ready for use.