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Birch fungus, cobalt chloride hexahydrate (Befungin) oral – [100 ml vial]


Immunostimulating drug of plant origin

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Befungin Pharmacodynamics
The action of the drug is determined by the effect of the constituent biologically active substances (polysaccharides, humic like chagic acid, organic acids, trace elements, including manganese and cobalt, steroids and other compounds). The drug regulates metabolic processes, increases the overall resistance of the body, reduces sweating, normalizes bowel function, eliminates dyspeptic symptoms, has a general tonic effect.

Used in treatment of chronic gastritis, gastrointestinal dyskinesia with signs of atony, with peptic ulcer disease without exacerbation, as well as symptomatic treatment to improve the overall condition of cancer patients.

Contraindications .
Increased individual sensitivity to the drug, pregnancy, lactation, age (under 18 years).

Dosage and administration method.

  • The drug is used orally 30 minutes before a meal. Before use, the contents of the bottle should be shaken, then dissolve three teaspoons of the drug in 150 ml of warm boiled water.
  • Take 1 tablespoon 3 times daily for 3-5 months. If necessary, repeat courses at intervals of 7-1 0 days.