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Betaxolol 20 mg – [30 tablets]



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Betaxolol Pharmacodynamics
A cardioselective beta1-adrenoblocker without intrinsic sympathomimetic activity. It has weak membrane stabilizing activity. It has a hypotensive effect associated with decreased cardiac output and decreased sympathetic stimulation of peripheral vessels. When used in therapeutic doses it does not have cardiodepressant effect, does not affect glucose metabolism, does not decrease the bronchodilator effect of beta-adrenomimetics and does not cause retention of sodium ions in the body. It works for a long time.
When used topically as eye drops it lowers increased intraocular pressure. The resorptive effect is expressed insignificantly.


For systemic use: arterial hypertension.
For local use in ophthalmology: chronic open-angle glaucoma, increased intraocular pressure, condition after laser trabeculoplasty

Cardiogenic shock, severe forms of chronic cardiac insufficiency, II and III degree AV-blockade, CCSU, sinoatrial blockade, sinus bradycardia, marked peripheral circulatory disorders, hypersensitivity to betaxolol.
Application during pregnancy and lactation
During pregnancy and lactation (breast feeding), betaxololol may be used only in cases when the estimated benefit to the mother exceeds the possible risk to the fetus or child.
Administration in liver dysfunction
There is no need to adjust the dosage regimen when administered orally in patients with hepatic impairment, but regular clinical monitoring is recommended during the first few days of treatment.
Administration in renal impairment
It is not necessary to correct the dosage regimen when administered orally in patients with renal impairment (CKR less than 20 ml/min), but during the first few days of treatment, regular clinical monitoring is recommended.
Administration in children
It is not recommended to use betaxolol in children.

Dosage and administration

  • For systemic use when administered orally – 20 mg once daily. For patients on permanent hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis the initial dose is 10 mg/day; time of betaxolol administration is determined regardless of dialysis regimen.
  • For topical use in ophthalmology, 1 drop 2 times/day into the affected eye. During the first month the therapy is carried out under control of intraocular pressure level, afterwards the frequency of intraocular pressure measurement is determined individually.
  • If betaxolol is used after previous treatment with another similar drug, the dosing regimen is determined individually.