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Antibodies to the brain-specific protein S-100 (Tenoten) – [40 lozenges]


Anxiolytic drug

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Tenoten Pharmacodynamics
The drug has a calming, anti-anxiety (anxiolytic) effect, without causing undesirable hypnogenic and muscle relaxant effects. Improves the tolerability of psycho-emotional stress. It has stress-protective, nootropic, anti-amnestic, antihypoxic, neuroprotective, anti-asthenic and antidepressant effects.
In conditions of intoxication, hypoxia, states after acute impairment of cerebral circulation it has neuroprotective effect, limits the damage area, normalizes learning and memory processes in the central nervous system (CNS).
It inhibits lipid peroxidation processes.
Modifies the functional activity of the S-100 protein that conjugates synaptic (information) and metabolic processes in the brain. Has GABA-mimetic and neurotrophic effect, increases the activity of stress-limiting systems, and helps restore neuronal plasticity processes.


Neurotic and neurosis-like conditions, psychosomatic illnesses, stress disorders with increased nervous tension, irritability, anxiety and autonomic reactions.
Moderately expressed organic lesions of the CNS, including traumatic and dyscirculatory origin, accompanied by unstable emotional background, irritability, memory loss, autonomic disorders.


Contraindications .
Increased individual sensitivity to the drug components, children under 18 years of age, children and individuals under 18 years showed the drug Tenoten children.
Pregnancy and lactation
Safety of Tenoten administration in pregnant and lactating women has not been studied. If it is necessary to take the drug, consider the risk/benefit ratio.


Dosage and administration


  • Inside.
  • At one reception – 1 or 2 tablets (hold in the mouth until dissolved – not during a meal).
  • Take 2 times a day, if necessary – up to 4 receptions per day.
  • Course of treatment – 1-3 months, if necessary, the treatment can be extended up to 6 months or repeated after 1-2 months.
  • If there is no stable improvement in the condition within 3-4 weeks after the start of treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor.